Monday, February 29, 2016

Are you new to essential oils?

Are you new to essential oils and don't really know what to think or where to start?

Before you start using essential oils, please do some research on how to use them properly and safely.  And please learn from reputable organizations such as (National Association for Holisitic Aromatherpy), not companies that are selling essential oils.  There is a lot of information out on the internet today and some of it is not safe or recommended.

Always use essential oils that have been diluted.  They are way to potent to be used full strength and with oils, more is not better.
Also, use extreme caution when using essential oils around babies and children.
Essential oils are not for internal use.  Always follow the advice of a medical professional.

Like most products, essential oils come in many different varieties.  There are many reputable companies out there that sell 100% pure essential oils so do you research on the company as well.  Also, there are companies that say they have the best essential oils because they are 100% pure certified therapuetic oils.  This is not true.  Their oils are not superior.  Their oils are also not certified therapuetic oils - no such labeling exists.  This was a phrase that was trademarked by a certain company to have you believe that their oils were something better.  It's simply not true.

All of our essential oil blends are made with 100% pure essential oils and are always diluted to 2% which is the recommended dilution rate for older children and adults.

All of our blends come diluted in a roller bottle for ease of use and application.

You can view all of our available blends on our website at The Chilled Penguin as only some of our blends are available in our Etsy Shop.

Friday, December 11, 2015

Back up and running!

We are finally back up and running smoothly!  Yay!

If you didn't know, we made a huge move across the country.  From AZ back to Wi where we grew up.  Az was wonderful to us, (especially that sun!) but it was time to get back to our families.

Of course nothing with the move went smoothly.  I guess with 3 kids, 3 dogs, selling the house, buying a new house and doing it all in different states I didn't expect it to go perfectly, but I had higher hopes.

Either way, we are finally settled in to our new home.  It needed A LOT of work.  I mean a lot of work had to be done before we could even move in.  So needless to say, my business got tossed to the back burner so we could really get things done around here.

If you've got any questions just hollar!  And stay tuned....we're adding quite a few new products this week.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Why I don't promote MLM essential oil companies

I've had many people ask me:  "why don't you join DoTerra or Young Living (to name a few) where it's "easier" to sell oils and make money?" 

I have quite a few reasons for never joining one of these MLM companies and thought I'd share just a few ;)

1.)  I don't care for false advertising.

Have you seen the "Certified Pure Therapuetic Grade" on any certain essential oil bottles?  I'm sure you have.  Did you know this is a marketing tactic?  Yep.  Essential oils are not graded.  There is no grading system to essential oils.  So how can these companies claim that?  They coined the term and then trademarked it.  And their marketing strategy seems to work since I have encountered MANY people who seem to think that the best oils out there are "CPTG".  While some companies use this to mislead consumers others do not.  However, I choose not to be associated with these marketing tactics.

2.)  Their recommended uses

Some MLM essential oil companies suggest ingesting essential oils.  What?!   Oh yes they do when the NAHA (National Association for Holistic Aromtherapy)  recommends to not ingest.  Essential oils are extremely potent and putting them on your skin neat (undiluted) is not recommended and can cause adverse reactions, yet these companies are suggesting to ingest them as well as telling their consultants to recommend using them internally and undiluted.  These are not doctors or even trained professionals!  That my friends, scares me.

3.)  Their "claims"

This is a tricky situation.  While I have been using essential oils for many years I have seen them help with physical ailments.  I've also heard many testimonials from people who have used our essential oil blends as well as other oils who have used them to "fix" many problems - anything from ringing in the ear (tinnitus), skin ulcers, circulation problems, tooth aches, ADD/ADHD - the list goes on.  However, that said, essential oils are not regulated by the FDA.  That means that anyone promoting or selling an essential oil product can not say that the oil will help, cure or treat any disease.  While, yes, I have seen them "help" with a disease, they can not be marketed that way.

4.)  Their "training"

Let's face it.  It's an MLM company.  What kind of training have they had?  From the person above them who convinced them to join the company underneath said person.  Now the founder or owner may have training, created their own materials and passed those down for all the other members to learn and that is fine.  But these are the same people who are saying they can treat your disease.

All of my blends come diluted so that they are safe for the skin.
All of my blends are 2% blends (meaning 2% pure essential oil and 98% carrier oil) which is recommended and considered safe topical application.
All of my blends are for external use only.

I love using essential oils.  I love creating blends.  I love everything about aromatherapy and I believe my blends sell themselves.  I carefully research, prepare, mix and store my blends so my customers know exactly what they are getting.  I am constantly reading and learning - doing MY OWN research.  Plus, by using an essential oil company that I know and trust without all the extra price increases to cover commissions, I am able to pass my savings on to my customers as well.  So to me, it's a win - win!

So while I have seen some extradinary benefits from using essential oils, I will never claim to cure your disease.  

Have any questions?  Let me know!  Want to see a list of my blends?  Head on over to The Chilled Penguin or visit my etsy page.

Back to work!

We were lucky enough to take a weeks vacation to see all of our family back in Wisconsin.  It was a wonderful time, though colder than we were used to, and it was great to see everyone after 2 years!  But we are back home and back to work.  Thank you all again for your patience - you mean the world to us!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

New pendants!!

We have added some new pendants!

Our essential oil diffuser pendant necklaces are the perfect way to make aromatherapy part of your every day life.  Our pendants are durable and absorbent and so affordable that you can't afford not to have one!  These pendants will hold 1-2 drops of your favorite essential oil and diffuse the scent all day long.

 Think of all it's uses:

* a calming scent for your commute to work
* an uplifting oil for those days it's hard to get out of bed
* a focusing scent during the school day
* an antibacterial oil for going out in public during flu season
* a cheerful oil to help you get through the work day

The possibilities are endless!

Check out all of our new styles on etsy or at our website 

Monday, August 18, 2014

On sale now!!

Have you been considering buying a diffuser necklace, but still haven't? 

Now is the perfect time!

We are in the processing of adding a new style of stamp to our etsy shop, so all of our current ones are on sale!!

Visit The Chilled Penguin and get your essential oil diffuser necklace while they last!!

P.S.  The sale is only at our etsy shop, but you can find the new styles on our website! 

Monday, August 11, 2014

Need help relaxing?

With our crazy busy and stressful lives, it's no wonder we have trouble relaxing.

Sleepy Head to the rescue!

Our essential oil blend named Sleepy Head contains Lavender, chamomile and cedarwood essential oils, all of which have calming, relaxing and soothing benefits.  Blended together, these oils pack a punch of relaxation.  

Even kids love them!

All of our blends are diluted in grapeseed oil so they are safe for the skin and they come in very convenient roller bottles for easy application.  Available in 5ml or 10ml bottles.

Visit us online to read more about our blends at The Chilled Penguin.

Many blessings,